Hôtel Château Laurier Québec

Du Jardin

Celebrate in a natural setting with a touch of greenery

The Du Jardin reception room can accommodate up to 90 people, making it just the right sort of room for your banquets, weddings, cocktails and any type of gathering.

This reception room provides you with a view and direct access to the greenery of the Four Seasons Garden of Hotel Chateau Laurier Quebec.

Its large recessed windows and natural elegance deliver the comfort, luxury, light and space you naturally expect.


  • Function room with natural light
  • Dimensions 36'6'' x 26'8'' (8,6 m x 7,9 m)
  • Ceiling 8' (2,4 m)
  • Area 981 pi²

Events proposed

Wise option for banquets, cocktails and professional events.

Practical information