Hôtel Château Laurier Québec

Meet our Management Team

Get to know Hotel Chateau Laurier Quebec's management team! Discover their daily activities as well as their own favourite things in Quebec City.

  • Alain Girard

    Alain Girard


    Hi! I'm Alain Girard

    I'm president of Hotel Château Laurier Québec. I work in close partnership with my brothers and sisters and the other managers of our hotel. I'm very proud to say that the hotel is a family-owned and fully independent business. It's my job to make sure all our hotel's operations work together as a harmonious whole, and that they continue to reflect our mission and values.

    Here's what else I do for our hotel... and for you

    Rather than make a huge list, let me say my job is real privilege, and everything I do is meant to serve you better. Another privilege I enjoy with my work representing our hotel is the many opportunities to get involved in the charitable and community causes that I care about very deeply.

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    And here are a few of my favourite things about Quebec City...

    You couldn't pay me enough to live and work in anywhere else. Quebec City is more than magnificent...it's a city with a soul.

    Quebec City is the cradle of the French language and culture, la francophonie, in North America. It's also the only fortified city on this continent. The Saint Lawrence River is a living part of our downtown area, which I find quite amazing. I also love to walk along Rue Saint-Denis, in the neighbourhood of the Hotel Château Bellevue, and admire the view of the river.

    I love Quebec because it's a city that lives and breathes, works and sings in French. It's large enough to be a seat of government, and small enough so you always feel right at home. My own home is quite large and spacious, however, and it's located between Grande-Allée and the Plains of Abraham. You've probably guessed its name...

    Quebec City is also Old Quebec, with its history, museums and art galleries, its writers, thinkers and political figures. It's the Palais Montcalm and its magnificent concert hall, the Salle Raoul-Jobin, where you feel like you're sitting inside a cello. It's the Summer Festival on the Plains of Abraham and Grande Allée. It's forever bowling me over!

    If by any chance you're staying at our hotel on a day when the weather's fine and my agenda isn't too full, you'll find me out in the gardens of the Hotel du Parlement, with its beautiful trees and flowers and an Inuit work of art I particularly love because it symbolizes friendship, mutual support and community.

  • Aude Lafrance-Girard

    Aude Lafrance-Girard

    General Manager

    Hi! I'm Aude Lafrance-Girard

    I am General Manager of the Hôtel Château Laurier Québec. My role and efforts are focused on the needs and expectations of our clients to ensure they live a unique experience in our hotel. My tasks are to guide and ensure the harmonization of all operations of the company's services in accordance with our mission and values.

    I started my career in hospitality from a very young age as a clerk at the reception of the Hôtel Château Laurier Québec. It was in Montreal that I completed my undergraduate degree in business administration, tourism management and hospitality while getting involved in different committees with all my passion, my sense of responsibility and commitment that characterize me well. It was also in Montreal that I have gained good management experience in a large hotel.

    In spring 2015, I made the decision to empower me further to meet the challenges that will arise and to properly represent the third generation of the family business. So I enrolled at The Emergence program of the École d'Entrepreneurship de Beauce. This program is for young entrepreneurs who, like me, can aspire to lead a family business.
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    And here's what I like best about Quebec City...

    In fact, I have a few, including Old Quebec. Living and working in Old Quebec, I am able to praise its incomparable and beautiful European charm. The essence and uniqueness of the Francophonie in Quebec City charm me.
    The Promenade of the Governors is a magical place for me. The city is full of locations with views of our beautiful St. Lawrence River and another of my favorites, Île d'Orléans. It is a peaceful place that reminds me of many childhood memories, it is so unique in the Fall!
    I love to make discover the city and region to friends from elsewhere, it fills me with pride! I am a lover of Quebec!

  • Johanne Caron

    Johanne Caron

    Director of Sales and marketing

    Bonjour, my name is Johanne Caron

    I am the Director of Sales & Marketing for the Hotel Chateau Laurier Quebec. My tasks are diverse; allow me to work as a team; not only with my colleagues at the hotel but also with numerous partners in the greater Québec region and tourism organizations abroad. My goal is to increase visibility and promote all our services. It is of utmost importance to me that our clients' experience at the Hotel Chateau Laurier Québec be unique within our walls, as well as other platforms such as the mobile and website.

    What I do...

    My first priority is seeing to the comfort of our clientele and to perform as a team, in a professional manner in all circumstances. I guide the actions of the Sales team so that our tourist and business clientele can experience our quality of service as THE standard within the industry. Other than ensuring our clients' well-being, my role also consists of maintaining our gains and to develop new emerging markets.

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    What I love most about Québec City...

    Its uniqueness! Québec, is a French-speaking city with an exceptional quality of life. Its beauty is renowned and appreciated by all, but for me, its diversity inspires me the most.

    Capital of the purest, white snow: you simply need to dress warmly to appreciate all of the possibilities offered. To the extreme sports enthusiasts, here are just a few events that are sure to win you over: the canoe race on the St. Laurence River, Red Bull Crashed Ice and the Snowboard Jamboree.

    For those who are a little less lionhearted, like me, try alpine skiing. Just a short drive from downtown, you have the incredible Mont Ste-Anne and the Massif in Charlevoix - both exceptional sites.

    Summer is just as remarkable with numerous festivals to entertain visitors of all ages: the Festival d'été de Québec, Grand Rire de Québec, the Québec International Festival of Military Bands, the Québec Celtic Festival and the opera.

    Culture in Québec has a very long history and Québec City offers over 30 museums of all genres to choose from - namely the Musée national des beaux-arts de Québec and the Musée de la civilization.

    Whether by car, on foot or on bicycle, you will discover a sublime destination accessible to all, year-round!

  • Brigitte Gauvin

    Brigitte Gauvin

    Revenue Manager

    Bonjour, my name is Brigitte Gauvin

    I am Hôtel Château Laurier Québec' Revenue Manager, but before anything else my career started there back in June 2000 as a receptionist. Afterwards, I held the position of Front desk Manager at Manoir Lafayette, which was later on annexed to Hôtel Château Laurier in 2007. Then, in October of the same year, I was entrusted in the wonderful adventure of being the Manager of the Hôtel Château Bellevue in Old-Québec, holding of the same owner. After four years of success at Hôtel Château Bellevue, I was approached with a new challenge, and it is with the complete trust of the Girard family that I accepted this new opportunity to show my true value within the business. I have therefore agreed since July 2011 to add to my tasks the revenue managing at Hôtel Château Laurier Québec.

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    Here is what I do for the hotel... and for you

    My function is to establish the right price as much for the reservations as for all the guests that have confidence in us year in, year out for their stay, be it alone, as a couple or as a family, but as well for the groups and event meetings and receptions. I therefore work in close collaboration with my reservations team and with Hôtel Château Laurier Québec's sales team. I must be tactician in the way I fix prices, in order for the business to have a good return on investment while offering the best possible choices for our customers. Moreover, I work together with the Sales and Marketing Director to elaborate the best offers to our distinguished clientele all the year round.

    Where do I draw my inspiration from?

    What urges me to get up every morning after over 10 years working for the same business? Ultimate passion for my job! Beyond being a company, Hôtel Château Laurier Québec is like a family for its employees. It's a place where challenges are being renewed every day and enable me to innovate. It is also an environment where I can still find reasons to push my limits and to build good grounding on which the owners can rely on for the future. My inspiration comes from my passion to always go beyond for the company and make sure that Hôtel Château Laurier Québec is THE key place to stay in Québec City.

    Québec City and I...

    I, for one, personally see and visit Québec City every morning on my way to work. In front of me, lies the majestic scenery of what I like best about my city. While driving on Champlain Boulevard, I take a glimpse of the St. Lawrence River on my right hand side and the Cap Diamant on the left. The closer I get to work, I enjoy the awakening of the city while I wind my way in the streets of Old-Québec up to the hotel. Québec City is also for me the opportunity to be near other passionates, either at lunchtime or for the cocktail hour. I as well appreciate knowing that mindless of the season, there is always something fun to do here (be it the Festival d'été de Québec with its international and local musicians and singers or the ice canoe races that keep our eyes riveted on the river...). Finally, Québec City is also my going back home, a last stroll in the heart of Québec, a last goodbye to the city, just to have the delight of being back again the next morning.

  • Michel Bouchard

    Michel Bouchard

    Manager of technical services, expansion, renovation and maintenance

    Hi! I'm Michel Bouchard

    I'm manager of technical services, expansion, renovation and maintenance at Hotel Château Laurier Québec. My job - which includes new projects as well - is to plan, coordinate and control all the physical work being done on the hotel, inside and out.

    Here's what I do for our hotel...

    I make sure my team carries out its work on schedule and meets our high standards...especially where safety is involved for our hotel's staff and guests.

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    And here's what I like best about Old Quebec...

    Now that Champlain Boulevard along the Saint Lawrence has had a complete makeover, including a magnificent bicycle path along its entire length, I've made it my own special territory for getting out in the open air...on my bike. I invite you to discover this beautiful park, now officially known as “La promenade Samuel-De Champlain,” for yourself. Its 2.5 kilometres long, with flowers everywhere, park benches to sit and have a rest on, and the magnificent river to remind us why Quebec City is one of the finest vacation spots in the world.

  • Michelle Bégin

    Michelle Bégin

    Housekeeping Manager

    Hi! I'm Michelle Bégin

    I've been manager of housekeeping and laundry services at Hotel Château Laurier Québec for over 23 years...and, yes, I love my job.

    Here's what I do for our hotel...

    My main duties are to coordinate and monitor all housekeeping and laundry activities, including work done by our subcontractors. In a hotel our size, this is a real challenge...especially since, as a 4-star hotel, we have such high standards and strict guidelines to maintain.

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    And here's what I like best about Old Quebec...

    There are so many things, really! Old Quebec is a beautiful town. No surprise it's such a big attraction for tourists, business people and government workers alike. It is after all our capital city, too. There are major events going on all year long, like the Summer Festival or Quebec Winter Carnival. Truth is there's no end of activities no matter what the season, and it's all right here, or close by...like the Charlevoix region, the ski centres and the Valcartier Vacation Village. Old Quebec is the most famous of all, of course, an official Unesco World Heritage site....and my favourite by far! Here at the Château Laurier my office is right next door to the Plains of Abraham and Grande-Allée. Nature on one side and a driving urban beat on the other, with restaurants, cafés, outdoor terraces. Who could ask for anything more?

  • Yannick Savard

    Yannick Savard

    Director of human resources

    Hi! I'm Yannick Savard

    I'm director of human resources for Hotel Château Laurier Québec. My main duties are to direct, plan and manage human resources to meet our hotel's needs in terms of high business volume, quality service and performance...values we all demand of ourselves and our employees.

    Here's what I do for our hotel...

    As part of my activities, I make sure that mutual respect, enthusiasm, pleasure in our work and team spirit...our company's core values...are understood and respected by everyone working at the hotel, whatever their role may be. I'm also responsible for employee training and professional development. So I'm always on the lookout not only to spot specific needs but also to provide the most prompt and appropriate training to achieve the results we're looking for.

    More about Yannick

    What I can do...if we work together

    As the person best positioned to know about career opportunities here at Hotel Château Laurier, I invite you to check out our list of current job opportunities. Not only can you count on a truly dynamic team, but you can also find real career satisfaction here. And after work (of course) you have a ringside seat to enjoy all the festive events taking place right outside the Château Laurier.

    And here's what I like best about Old Quebec...

    J'adore la Grande Allée, ses restaurants et son night-life ! C'est une rue pleine de vie et de couleurs en toutes saisons.

    I love Grande Allée with its restaurants and nightlife. It's a street full of action and excitement every season of the year. In summer, I rollerblade around the circle on the Plains of Abraham near Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec or along the banks of the St-Charles River until I arrive at the Marché du Vieux-Port.

  • At a glance

    Downtown Québec City hotel located near the historic walled city. Full service hotel with restaurant St-Hubert, indoor salt water pool, sauna, two year-round outdoor spas. 282 spacious guestrooms, 17 meeting space and an inner four season garden. Award-winning catering facilities George-V Quebec's premiere event caterer.

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