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Job Opportunities

We love working in the hotel sector and we really love people with talent to do the job right

You may be dedicated to customer service as a receptionist, housekeeper, bellhop, porter or valet. Or maybe your skills are in sales or administration. Or in custodial or technical services. Whatever your line of work, Hotel Château Laurier wants to hear from you, especially about what you can do for us.

Here's what we believe in at the Hotel Château Laurier Québec

  • Respect, dedication, a sense of fun and team spirit are our core values. That's what it takes, and no less...because we're Quebec City's premier event hotel and caterer
  • A friendly smile, quality service and loyalty are priorities for anyone who plays a part in our hotel. Because we want to make sure all our guests are happy at all times and pleasantly surprised at how satisfying their stay has been.
  • At the Hotel Château Laurier, we like to work with people instead of just having people work for us. It's the only way we know to guarantee the true excellence our guests and partners have a right to expect.

L'Hôtel Château Laurier Québec and you

As an employee, you matter to us just as much as one of our guests. So we care very much about what we can offer you:

  • Competitive wages
  • A dynamic work environment with supportive management focused on developing your talents
  • A range of competitive benefits
  • A chance to be involved, express yourself and your ideas, and help us continue to improve...a goal to which we're firmly committed

Current job opportunities at Hotel Château Laurier Québec

Now ... Tell us about you! If you smile and if you like our values, please send your resume now!

Contact our Human Ressources Director

Phone: 418 522-3848 ext 667